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Mayank has done a bunch of different things in his career. Some of those things are: QA, Backend Developer, Hiring, Community Moderator & Lead, Project Ambassador, Outreach for India Region, Speaker at several meetups & conferences, Evangelising Blockchain, Mentoring etc.

Maecenas - Community Lead (Part time)

10/2018 to Present



  • To build a strategic roadmap on how we can engage the Maecenas community.

  • To coordinate with an external writer in publishing at least 1 article a month on our blog.

  • To launch the Maecenas Ambassador program - A program to attract enthusiasts of our project in different regions to organise Meetups and raise brand/project awareness.

  • To lead a team of admins in various time zones to monitor our community 24x7

  • To maintain our Maecenas Knowledgebase to keep our comms team updated.

  • To manage Maecenas social networks.

  • To publish a quarterly report of our community.

  • To conduct AMAs with the team on our telegram.


Etherisc - Community Manager (Part Time)

10/2018 to Present



  • Telegram Community Management.

  • Running a Community Ambassador Program.

  • Administrating Telegram Bots.

  • Maintaining an internal knowledge base for Etherisc.

  • To internally publish telegram community statistics.

    • To publish statistical pulse of the community.

    • For example, How many posts were made last month, what day/time is the community active, who all are our star community members etc.

  • Conduct monthly AMAs with the community. - CFI Outreach - Head of India

10/2017 to 09/2018



  • Building relationships in the Indian region for

  • Spearhead the development of Indian CFI Hub.

  • Network at conferences/meetups/workshops/events related to the blockchain.

  • Community Lead


Maecenas - Community Manager (Part time)

10/2017 to 09/2018



  • Managing their Telegram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Beta testing and sharing any feedback regarding the platform.

  • Maintaining their FAQ knowledge base



Musiconomi - Community Ambassador (Part time)
09/2017 to 12/2017


  • Beta test the platform.

  • Moderating their slack community.



Helpshift - Software Developer

06/2012 to 10/2017



  • Lead and hired a QA team of around 10 developers who focused on testing. 

  • Wrote company-wide testing guidelines and best practices.

  • Part of the recruitment team for college placements and interview rounds.

  • Mentored junior hires and ramping them up.




Styloot - Freelancing

01/2011 to 03/2011



  • Writing python scripts using "Beautiful soup" library to pull data from various e-commerce websites.



  • MongoDB (2 and 3)

  • Elasticsearch (1.x)

  • Emacs

  • Tmux

Programming Languages
  • Clojure (Experienced)​

  • Python (Beginner)

Hobby Projects
  • English (Full professional proficiency)

  • Hindi (Native)

Pune Institute of Computer Technology

08/2007 to 06/2012


  • BE in Information Technology


University of Washington

December 24th, 2013



University of British Columbia

July 29, 2013



Delft University of Technology

January 5th, 2015


Hebrew University of Jerusalem  

June 8, 2015


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