"A pragmatic engineer" is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Mayank. I've had the pleasure of knowing Mayank since early days of Helpshift. I met him at the PyCon Pune conference in 2011. He was this curious young kid, and we talked for several hours during the conference. Later when we needed someone to automate our QA at Helpshift, he was happy to be part of the team.

While some people had doubted him initially, I was pretty sure that I did not make a mistake hiring him. He ended up creating a stellar QA process, setting up our QA team, interviewing hundreds of candidates and later becoming one of our star our backend developers.

When we challenged him to make sure our Audit trail feature is thoroughly tested, he wrote a Domain Specific Language in Clojure to generate tests by using a simple and creative idea of defining our user flow as a finite state machine transition.

I am really impressed with Mayank's ability to assimilate complex information and coming up with simple solutions. Mayank would be a real asset for any positions requiring software design & implementing solutions for complex business process skills and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Baishampayan Ghose, Co-founder & Ex-CTO at Helpshift

I've had the pleasure of knowing Mayank for more than a year now. He was an early community member at Maecenas and quickly grew as a Community Manager out of his sheer proactiveness. He has in-depth understanding of what works/doesn't work within a community. I was impressed by his dedication towards his work. He would go out of his way and do tasks which are not expected of him out of his own interest. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Marcelo García Casil, Founder and CEO of Maecenas

I was one of the founders at Cofound.it where I'm really happy we had Mayank in the team. Although being remote in a very quickly changing and dynamic environment, Mayank always made sure to be up to date, proactive, helpful, understanding and taking his own initiatives to drive progress. Mayank also built a reputation of always bringing another perspective to discussions and in planning. I would love to work together with Mayank again in the future and can only be happy for anyone who brings him into his team!

Daniel Zakrisson, Ex Co-founder of Cofound.it & Founder at Hardfork

We have worked with Mayank briefly in Kleros. He has multiple skills, including communication, work process structuring and business development, as well as a deep knowledge of the blockchain industry. He is proactive and motivated to keep learning and improving. I can recommend him for positions in communications and business development.

Federico Ast, Ph.D. - Blockchain Entrepreneur - Founder at Kleros

I worked with Mayank in 2014, I was a tech lead / backend engineer and Mayank was the software engineer in test. We worked on a vast and tricky project of instrumenting audit trails across every single feature of our enterprise product. This involved a lot of cases, right from different types of trails for different types of events, all the way to pagination issues. It boggled my mind on how we were going to test all this. The answer was Mayank. Mayank used his software engineering skills to write code that _generated_ tests, ran the tests and if tests failed, it would _shrink_ the sequence of steps to the minimal list of steps that would cause the failure. That was a major factor in ensuring successful delivery of the project. 3 years later, the feature still works successfully and the same code stillrun, all thanks to a clear analysis of the scope of the problem and the comprehensive engineering that Mayank did to ensure we had a robust feature.

Swaroop C H, Engineering Manager at Helpshift

Mayank is excellent at managing communities for serious blockchain startup companies. I have worked with Mayank for more than a year on different projects and witnessed how skilled he is at gauging the temperature of supporters and responding to their needs. Mayank really wears the skin of the companies he supports, achieving admirable domain knowledge that positions him as a key go-to resource. I have also appreciated Mayank's counsel beyond specific projects. He has an intimate understanding of the blockchain and cryptoasset industry and is innovative in harnessing its power.

Saul Hudson - Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Angle42

Mayank provided excellent community support, advice on community engagement, and feedback about how to improve the user experience. He does not hesitate to provide his insights and feedback and frequently takes the time to write up a detailed document to support it, even when there is no expectation for him to make such an effort. He is clearly motivated, enjoys providing value wherever he can, and understands how to work effectively on a team (even remotely).

Dan Phifer - CTO at Fan Integrated Experiences, Co-founder & CTO at Musiconomi

Mayank is clever and resourceful. He can always be counted on to provide helpful, insightful, and relevant comments. I have worked with Mayank on a number of projects and he is always striving to improve himself. Mayank will be a vital part of any team he joins. I would be happy to provide a specific reference for Mayank if necessary!

Elizabeth Prais - Creative Director & Co-Founder - Moli Communications Ltd.

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Mr. Jain in one of my latest ventures. He took on so many roles, crafted the strategies for their completion and successfully completed them, that at times we were sure Mr. Mayank Jain is surely at least two people. The truth is, Mr. Jain is a very resourceful, dependable and trustworthy person, who already has a lot of knowledge about the digital world but is also a keen and fast learner - so the potential of Mr.Jain are in my humble opinion, limitless. I welcome the chance to work with him anytime and can recommend him as a huge added value to any team!

Vladimir Milosevic - CEO, founder at Owliko

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