Hi 👋! My name is Mayank Jain (a.k.a firesofmay). Currently I am an Engineering Program Manager at Helpshift.

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Product Management

Lessons for Product Leaders - Shishir Mehrotra

I'll share a summary of the insights shared by Shishir Mehrotra (Co-Founder & CEO at Coda) for Product Leaders. Topics I'll be covering will be "Measuring the performance of your product team" and "Conducting meetings effectively"


How to solve estimation questions in a PM Interview?

How do you answer questions like: What is the market for driverless cars in the year 2020? Estimate the number of passengers arriving at the SF airport everyday. In this article, I share a framework on how to solve such problems.


Reducing Churn - A Primer

Churn is an important topic for any company facing growth. With growth comes churn. How do you go about it? What steps can you take? What tools can you use? We take a deep dive into how to reduce churn.


How would I Improve WhatsApp?

If I was a PM at WhatsApp, what features would I like to add? What audience will I consider? How will I prioritize? In this post, I'll share my take on how I would improve WhatsApp as a product.